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You are a software engineer who likes building and maintaining production-ready software. You easily switch between scripting and structured programming in typed languages. You are passionate about automating as much as possible. And you understand that a robust application takes true skill and care.

As a Software Engineer, you are experienced in creating software, starting from scratch or based on a prototype.

We do not expect you to have experience in building data driven solution. We will coach you in becoming a master in just that by teaching you on the job how to build such things. After some time, you understand how to develop data pipelines including transformation and pre-processing and how to connect big data to your applications.

Preferred general knowledge and experience includes:

  • Programming in scripting languages, e.g. Python, Groovy, Ruby
  • Programming in a statically typed language, e.g. Java, Scala, C++
  • Deployment and provisioning automation tools
  • Pre: Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google)

Preferred skills / tool experience includes:

  • Python
  • Java / Scala
  • Shell scripting
  • Pre: Ansible / Puppet / Chef
  • Pre: ElasticSearch and Hadoop